BJP State Vice President Arrested- Dinamani

BJP State Vice President K.P. Ramalingam has been arrested.

BJP State Vice President K.P. Ramalingam has been arrested.

A wreath-laying program was organized on behalf of the BJP under the leadership of BJP State Vice-President KP Ramalingam at the statue of Bharat Mata in Papparapatti, Dharmapuri district. But the Bharat Mata memorial was not opened. BJP requested the custodian to open the memorial. But the guard refused to open the lock saying that he does not open the memorial on normal days.

After that more than one hundred BJP members including KP Ramalingam broke the lock of the Bharat Mata memorial door and entered and garlanded the statue of Bharat Mata. District President and former MLA Basak, State Secretary K. Venkatesan, District General Secretary Venkatraj, Aiswayam Murugan, Praveen, more than 200 people participated.

A case has been registered for breaking the lock of the entrance gate of the state-owned Bharat Mata Memorial at Papbarpatti. A case was filed against 50 people, including KP Ramalingam, for breaking the lock of the Bharatamatha Memorial at Dharmapuri Paparapatti on August 11.

More than 20 policemen led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Bennagaram Imayavaramban visited KP Ramalingam’s house in Rasipuram, interrogated him and arrested him. Following this, KP Ramalingam refused to board the police vehicle. After this, he asked to go in his own vehicle, so the police took him in his own vehicle. A police escort followed his own vehicle. As a result of this, BJP members of Namakkal district gathered in Rasipuram and there was a stir. Due to this, police protection has been put in place.


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