BJP Vs Aam Aadmi Vs Congress: Who grabbed attention in the Gujarat election campaign? | BJP Vs Aam Aadmi Vs Congress: Who Focused on Gujarat Election Campaign Field?

Modi, who engaged in extreme campaigns, leveled strong criticism against the Aam Aadmi Party. He slammed the election-time freebies. But, in the end, the opposite was the case with the BJP putting free announcements in the Gujarat Election Manifesto. In particular, in the BJP’s election manifesto, free scooters for college girls, free bicycles for school girls, two free gas cylinders annually for family women, one kilogram of pulses per month and one kilogram of cooking oil 4 times a year in the public distribution program were promised.

Volunteers at the Gujarat BJP meeting

Also, Rs 1,000 crore for renovating temples, 100 Annapurna restaurants with Rs 5 meals, employment for 20 lakh people in five years, implementation of General Civil Code, Rs 500 crore for Kosala scheme, 1,000 mobile medical teams for cattle treatment. . In this, the announcement that Annapurna restaurants will be set up and food will be provided for 5 rupees has received an overwhelming response among the people. Similarly, the free scooter and free bicycle scheme has been very popular among the students.


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