Black Friday 2023: Check the official date and tips on how to prepare for shopping

Black Friday 2023: Check the official date and tips on how to prepare for shopping

2023-09-26 20:53:37

Black Friday 2023 is an opportunity to take advantage of discounts on various products, such as electronics, books and household appliances.

The event has become one of the main commercial dates since its inception in the United States, being characterized by special promotions and significant discounts offered by stores during a specific day – or for an extended period in November.

In 2022, the date represented a 21.1% increase in revenue in the e-commerce sector during the period between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, according to the Cielo Expanded Retail Index (ICVA), developed by Cielo.

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When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 in Brazil takes place on November 24th. Offering day is held annually, always on the last Friday of November.

The event follows the tradition created in the United States, which promotes sales after Thanksgiving, celebrated on November 23rd.

Despite the official date, some retailers extend discounts over several days, weeks or throughout the month of November. Therefore, it is important to check the specific schedule of each trade.

An example of actions to extend promotions is Cyber ​​Monday, normally held on the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday 2023, for example, takes place on November 27th.

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How do offers work?

The main characteristic of Black Friday is the lower prices for different products, especially household appliances and electronics, which tend to have a more attractive price with special offers.

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Promotions vary from one store to another and may have limited stock, but they take place both in online stores and in physical establishments.

During the date, week or throughout the month of November, these retailers offer significant discounts and special conditions, such as free shipping, for example.

In 2022, the retail sector saw a 6.9% increase in nominal revenue during the promotion period compared to the previous year, according to Cielo’s ICVA report, cited above.

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How did the date come about?

Black Friday emerged in the United States and its origin has some theories, but it is related to Thanksgiving, one of the main American holidays.

The American event focuses on physical stores, which open their doors early the day after the holiday to welcome consumers.

In Brazil, the date arrived in 2010 as an opportunity for a sales strategy to boost purchases in a period close to Christmas, an important commemorative date for commerce.

Here, the main promotions tend to be in e-commerce stores, but physical establishments also participate in the date with special offers.

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