Black Friday headphones: AirPods, Galaxy Buds and more deals

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Before you start looking for a bargain headphone, you should find out which models are right for you

Before you start looking for a bargain headphone, you should find out which models are right for you

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On the last four days of November, retailers come up against offers and discounts. Find out here how you can find headphones that are particularly good value for money on Black Friday.

SBargain hunters will again be able to get hold of headphones, tablets, smartphones and much more at particularly low prices on Black Friday this year. But to get a really good deal at the shopping event on November 26th, you need some preparation.

Here we explain what to look for when buying headphones on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday so that the good offer doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment. You will also receive some useful tips to help you discover particularly cheap deals.

Black Friday Headphones: These Deals Are Now Online

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Other headphone offers:

Black Friday Airpods and Headphones: These are the features to look out for

Particularly popular on Black Friday: headphones from all premium manufacturers. Here many hope to be able to get a real bargain. But what actually makes good headphones and which models meet your personal requirements?

Before buying, first decide which type of headphones you prefer: Thanks to silicone tips, in-ear headphones sit firmly in the ear canal and are therefore ideal for athletes. Earbuds, on the other hand, lie flat in the auricle, are particularly easy to store and comfortable to wear.

There are also larger over-ear headphones that surround the entire ear, allow less outside noise and provide more intense sound. On-ear headphones that simply rest on the ear, on the other hand, are often lighter and therefore more flexible in everyday life.

For many, features such as Bluetooth and noise canceling also play a decisive role when buying – so, if necessary, make sure that the headphones can be used wirelessly and whether they can efficiently block out ambient noise. It is advisable to read both previous reviews from buyers and tests. This also makes it clear which headphones can offer good sound quality. This may always be a subjective criterion, but it can still help to get a better impression of the product when buying online.

Intuitive operation on the headphones is also particularly practical in everyday life. It is also not insignificant whether the headphones are waterproof or at least splash-proof – especially if they are to be used while jogging and thus come into contact with sweat or rain. If, on the other hand, the headphones are to be used by children or frequently when traveling, a particularly robust workmanship cannot do any harm.

Headphones on Black Friday: keep an eye on the prices in advance

Have you decided on a model? Perfect: Now it’s time to do price research! It is best to observe how the prices are developing a few days before the shopping event – if you want to buy Beats headphones * on Black Friday, for example, it is advisable to check the current value of your favorite model in advance using search engines such as This will give you a good idea of ​​which offers are actually cheap on November 26th.

The following applies: Don’t be fooled by fantastic discounts – providers often use the manufacturer’s recommended retail price when calculating discounts, which is often undercut by online shops anyway.

Black Friday 2021: set a price

Noise-canceling or Bluetooth headphones: On Black Friday you can get a real bargain on technology – if you don’t let yourself be tempted to buy expensive products at the last minute. After your research, make sure you determine the maximum cost of your favorite product and try to use it as a guide when looking for a bargain. Price alarm clocks, as can be set at, can also help. If your preferred headphones or the desired smartphone are offered at the right price in an online shop, you will receive an email and can buy it directly. You can also use discount websites and cashback portals to get even more discounts from participating providers or to save shipping costs.

Black Friday headphones: take your time with your purchase

A countdown is running, the supply is dwindling – with the “Black Friday” sale online, buyers should get the feeling that they have to act quickly in order to benefit from the best prices. But don’t be impressed by this trick: if you compare prices, study the offers carefully and know what you want and how much you want to spend on it, you can save significantly more. So avoid bad purchases and take your time, even if that means missing out on your favorite TV on Black Friday. In this case, just keep an eye out for similar offers from other providers or rely on the Christmas business – the next bargain is sure to be waiting for you.

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