Black Friday is also in the super: Victory is smashing prices

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Milky for NIS 0.90, Tasters Choice for NIS 14.90, 1 liter of Tnuva milk for NIS 2.90 and more! On the occasion of the biggest shopping holiday among the special shopping events, of the month of November, the Victory chain is smashing the prices for one day and consumers are the main beneficiaries.

Victory chain CEO Eyal Ravid: “We have worked hard to bring the chain’s customers the strongest promotions in honor of World Shopping Day. We will continue to operate throughout the year in order to provide the network’s customers with a dual experience. In Kenya and at prices ”

Branch and Steam Photo: Victory

Dumga for the various promotions that customers will enjoy as part of the promotion:
• Tnuva milk 1 liter 3-5% for only NIS 2.90
• Cottage Terra 250 grams 3-5% for only NIS 2.90
• Coffee Tasters Choice 200 grams for only NIS 14.90
• Milky chocolate / timeout / reduced sugar / vanilla / strawberry for only 90 cents
• Daniela vanilla / strawberry / banana / raspberry 88 gram delicacy for only NIS 1.90
• Wissotzky green tea 25 bags for only NIS 9.90
• Shogi / cookies / Kokoman 375-500 grams of breakfast cereal for only NIS 9.90
• Cow chocolate bars 95-100 grams (not including extra series) for only NIS 1.90
• Tibon Will Kebab / Steak Burger / Hamburger 400-500 grams for only NIS 9.90
• Four quartet wipes wipes for only NIS 9.90
• White sugar absorbs 1 kg for only 90 cents
• DAWAAT Persian rice for only NIS 4.90
• Sliced ​​chicken breast / thin thin fresh kosher rabbinate for only NIS 19.90 per kg
Oreo Vanilla / Beans / Double Cream 170-176 grams for only NIS 3.90
• Nature Valley snack for only NIS 9.90
1.5 liter liter exclusion, not including clear 3 for 10 NIS

An organization so far is launching a mass recruitment campaign to track RAAM’s money transfers – let’s be partners
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