Black Friday vacuum cleaner: Many devices on Cyber ​​Monday at a great price

A vacuum robot as a Christmas present?  You can even save a lot on Black Friday

A vacuum robot as a Christmas present? You can even save a lot on Black Friday

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On the occasion of the bargain days in department stores and online retailers, many people toy with the idea of ​​replacing one or the other household appliance and saving a bit in the process. Here you will find the current low-priced offers for vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots on the net.

Iare you ever finished cleaning? As an adult, the impression arises: No sooner is one part of the apartment clean than the crumbs collect in the next. The only thing: high-performance equipment helps that are easy to master and help to get the work over with as easily as possible.

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During Cyber ​​Week, many retailers are offering products at sometimes significantly reduced prices

Whether a vacuum robot, cordless vacuum cleaner or “ordinary” vacuum cleaner: If you are thinking of getting a new helper when it comes to floor cleaning, it is worthwhile to keep an eye out in the days around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, because many retailers are now luring sometimes with significant discounts. We have seen a large number of offers and here we present the vacuum cleaners that are reduced by at least 20 percent or 50 euros and that are currently not offered at any other retailer at a lower price.

The vacuum cleaner offers that are most popular with our readers

Cyber ​​Monday Dyson: Cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaners

Dyson-Alternativen am Cyber Monday

Vouchers for Dyson, Euronics & Co.

You can find more vouchers for over 1,000 shops on our voucher portal

Saugroboter am Cyber Monday: NEATSVOR DEUTSCHLAND X500 vacuum robot

  • Up to 3,000 PA suction power and wiping function
  • Battery life of up to 120 minutes
  • Controllable via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Now on Amazon: Neatsvor Germany X500 reduced by 40 percent *

With the Roomba e6 *, iRobot currently has a versatile vacuum robot with WLAN functionality on offer. Other offers, such as the Ultenic T10 *, are also impressive.

Cyber ​​Monday: Rowenta Animal Aqua cordless vacuum cleaner with a 64 percent discount

Now at Saturn: Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaner * for 279.00 instead of 789.99 euros (-64%)

But other suppliers also have good cordless vacuum cleaners on offer, such as the vacuum cleaner from ZOKER *. This model offers 80,000 revolutions per minute and a 5-stage filter system.

  • eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity * for 179,99 instead of 299.99 euros * (-40%)

  • ZOKER cordless vacuum cleaner * for 179,99 instead of 499.99 euros (-64%)

  • Shark IZ201EU cordless vacuum cleaner * for 199,00 instead of 349.99 euros (-43%)

  • BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro * for 205,77 instead of 349.99 euros (-41%)

  • Philips FC6723 / 01 SpeedPro * for 149,99 instead of 249.99 euros (-40%)

Hand vacuum cleaner at Cyber ​​Monday price

eufy HomeVac H11 stick vacuum cleaner for 35.99 instead of 49.99 euros

  • Weighs only 540g and is just the size of a wine bottle
  • 5500Pa suction force; including crevice nozzle
  • Charging via USB cable

Now on Amazon: eufy HomeVac H11 handheld vacuum cleaner reduced by 28 percent *

Cylinder vacuum cleaners: current bargains

So you don’t fall for supposed bargains

As with all supposed bargains, the following applies: Completely independent of the price reduction, an offer is only good if you need or want the product in question. Don’t let yourself be carried away into hasty decisions – read product reviews before buying and make a price comparison, for example at (like WELT, belongs to Axel Springer SE). And if you still regret your purchase decision, make use of your right of return.

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