Black Friday washing machine: top offers – also for tumble dryers and dishwashers

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Many household appliances such as washing machines and dryers are also reduced on the occasion of Black Friday

Many household appliances such as washing machines and dryers are also reduced on the occasion of Black Friday

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On the occasion of the bargain days in department stores and online retailers, many people toy with the idea of ​​replacing one or the other household appliance and saving a bit in the process. Here you will find the currently cheapest offers for washing machines and washer-dryers on the net.

Dhe old machine bounces and screeches when it is spinning? Tired of hanging up your clothes? If you are thinking of getting a new helper when it comes to washing and drying your clothes, it is worth keeping an eye out in the days around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

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The most popular products among our readers on Black Friday

Washing machines on Black Friday: The cheap ones under 400 euros

Siemens washing machine reduced by 52 percent

  • Front loader with a capacity of 10 kg
  • Full water protection thanks to the AquaProtect hose and floor pan
  • Antibacterial ABT sleeve and detergent drawer

Order from Amazon: Haier HW100-BP14636N washing machine * for 359,00 instead of 749.00 euros

Washing machines on Black Friday: devices from 500 euros

Prize winner: Bosch washing machine 450 euros cheaper

  • Front loader with a capacity of 9 kg
  • Low noise: Not above 71 decibels even when spinning
  • Thanks to the adjustable start time, the laundry is always ready at the right moment

Order now: BOSCH WAU 28 R 00 washing machine * for 549,99 instead of 999.00 Euro (-44%)

Tumble dryers and dishwashers on Black Friday: These are the top deals

55 percent discount on Siemens tumble dryers

Now on Amazon: Siemens WT47R440 iQ500 heat pump dryer * for 480,00 instead of 1,069.00 euros

Bosch Smarter dishwasher now 47 percent reduced

  • 6 different wash programs with remaining time display
  • Holds up to 14 table settings
  • water-saving and quiet

Order from Media Markt: Bosch SMS6ECW07E Series 6 dishwasher * for 859,99 instead of 1,629.00 euros (-47%)

Mini dishwashers for small kitchens

Washing machines on Black Friday: How to avoid falling for supposed bargains

As with all supposed bargains, the following applies: Completely independent of the price reduction, an offer is only good if you need or want the product in question. Don’t let yourself be carried away to hasty decisions – read product reviews before buying and make a price comparison, for example at (like WELT, belongs to Axel Springer SE). And if you still regret your purchase decision, make use of your right of return.

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