Blasphemous 2 “Coming Well” To Be Revealed “Soon”

The first Blasphemous was not only an indie darling, but a million-seller a few years ago, thanks to its beautiful meta art, classic gameplay, and dark Semana Santa-inspired setting. At the BIG conference in Bilbao the other day, we caught up with Mauricio García, head of The Game Kitchen, mostly about their promising VR platform All On Board, but we just had to ask about the sequel that hasn’t been shown yet.

“Our partners at Team17 haven’t let us talk much yet,” admits the studio director in the video below, “but it’s coming, it’s coming soon, and we’ll be revealing details about Blasphemous soon. Basic It’s going to be bigger and better, that’s the conclusion. And it’s going really well. You just have to wait a little longer.”

As the reveal looms, there may even be speculation about a potential Game of Thrones show, but so far nothing has been teased. Regardless, the upcoming show is in line with the original plan for a release “sometime in 2023.”

Keep playing to learn more about All On Board, as the first half of the video is filled with details about the party game.


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