Blessed for iOS 16 users, Gmail and Google News finally have lock screen widgets

One of the first companies to support iOS 16 Widgets is Google, and two applications, Gmail and Google News, are also in the queue today. Now, Apple users can go to the App Store, download or update the two apps, and get the new Widget. Widgets are not just for first-party apps, Apple also shares APIs that can be used by third-party app developers. Some application developers have been working hard to provide Widgets to users.

Taking Gmail as an example, the app also supports a one-line widget experience like the Weather app, in addition to widgets of different sizes than normal. Users can do this mode to see Gmail display the number of new messages next to the date.

With the increasing number of applications adding support for iOS Widgets, this feature itself is the biggest problem encountered in the process of using it now. Users can only add up to four standard widgets and single-line versions at the top of the screen. In addition, Apple can only accommodate standard sizes, so in the case of Google News, the content displayed to the user is very limited.


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