Blinken praises Ukraine’s “extraordinary resilience” against Russia

Blinken praises Ukraine’s “extraordinary resilience” against Russia

2023-09-07 20:05:09

Updated Thursday, September 7, 2023 – 20:30

The US Secretary of State affirmed that Washington is “proud” to support Ukraine’s efforts to “confront aggression while it recovers and rebuilds.”

Blinken during his visit to Yahidne’s school.APDIrecto latest news on the war in Ukraine

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, He praised Ukraine’s strength in the face of the Russian invasion this Thursday, during a visit to the Cherngov region, occupied by Moscow at the beginning of the war.

The blink I visited the basement of a school in Yahidne, where Russian troops held dozens of residents captive, including the elderly and children.

“This is just a building (…) [pero] this is one story we have seen over and over again,” Blinken declared.

“But we are also seeing something incredibly powerful (…) the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian people,” he added.

Russian forces took partes de la regin de Cherngovamong them Yahidne, at the beginning of the war.

They withdrew after a month, and Yahidne was retaken by Ukrainian forces on March 30, 2022. The Russian army destroyed and heavily mined the towns and countryside.

Blinken assured that up to a third of Ukrainian territory is affected by mines or unexploded ordnance.

“But Ukrainians are coming together to get rid of the ammunition, to get rid of the mines, and to get rid of the mines. literally take back the land“, indic Blinken.

On his fourth visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022, the Secretary of State announced on Wednesday a new billion dollar aid intended especially to support the complicated Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Blinken affirmed that Washington is “proud” to support the efforts of Ukraine to “confront aggression while recovering and rebuilding.”

After visiting Yahidne, the senior US official went to a hydroelectric dam together with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, before ending his visit to Ukraine.

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