Blinken returns to Europe. First stop ‘Berlin 2’ on Libya – A few days after Joe Biden’s first presidential visit abroad, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken returns to Europe to strengthen the Atlantic alliance (in an anti-Chinese key). First stop in Berlin, for the second Ministerial Conference on Libya with the spotlight on the elections next December and the withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries.

Foreign ministers also attended the “Berlin 2”, hosted by the German Heiko Maas (today the President of the Presidential Council of the State of Libya Mohammed Yunis Ahmed Al-Menfi was in Rome on an official visit), permanent members of the UN Security Council, Turkey and the Emirates, representatives of the EU, the United Nations and the Vatican, as well as members of the Libyan interim executive born in February after the ceasefire and led by Abdulhamid Dbeibah.

Negotiations are underway with some key players in Libya for the withdrawal of the mercenary forces ”before the vote in December, declares the ambassador of Washington to Libya, Richard Norland, outlining developments“ of great impact ”on the eve of the summit.

The scenario, compared to the first Berlin Conference (at the level of heads of state) in 2020 has changed a lot. The truce has held, since October, even if the factions differ on the advisability of a referendum before the elections while mercenaries from Russia, the Emirates, Egypt and Turkey interfere in the stabilization process of the country.

On Thursday Blinken and Mass will visit the Holocaust memorial together near the Brandenburg Gate where a wreath will be placed and then attend an event at the Claerchens Ballhaus in the Mitte district.

Blinken’s trip to the Old Continent, which includes meetings with Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, will end in Italy on July 29, in Matera for the G20. From next Monday in Rome, the secretary of state will see President Sergio Mattarella and Di Maio, with whom he will chair the ministerial meeting of the anti-Daesh coalition and will participate in a summit on Syria.

“I want to underline the strong and lasting alliance we have with Italy, based on common values ​​and common historical and family ties”, Said Philip Reeker, US assistant secretary of state for Europe, illustrating Blinken’s visit which will also be received in the Vatican.

“The United States and the Holy See have a very close partnership, in particular on the defense of human rights, the fight against human trafficking, the fight against climate change”, explains Reeker, without specifying whether Blinken will see the Pope.

Blinken will be in the Vatican inThe day after the assembly of American Catholic bishops who would like to deny communion to Joe Biden and to all Catholic politicians in favor of freedom of choice on abortion, ignoring the appeals to the contrary from the Holy See and the Pontiff.

“The strength of our relations with allies lays the foundations for many foreign policy priorities, including economic recovery, the exit of the pandemic and countering the authoritarianism of the People’s Republic of China,” warns Reeker. And on the occasion of the G20 in Matera, on 29 July, Blinken may come face to face with his Chinese counterpart, “The competitor of the future”, as it was defined by Washington, against which the Americans are rallying all their allies.



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