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Blizzard will make various changes to the Overwatch experience when its sequel Overwatch 2 debuts later this year. Whether it’s removing loot chests, adding battle passes, taking a seasonal approach, 5v5 gameplay, or even adding hero release schedules, there are plenty of new core design features to consider.

Now, Blizzard has detailed another feature that will be available when the sequel launches on October 4, account merging. Essentially, this will allow you to combine separate PC and console accounts, since Overwatch never had cross-progression, but will get it when OW2 launches. While the feature isn’t actually live yet, you can jumpstart and sign up for the accounts you’re merging now so Blizzard can have it ready and sorted for you when you log into OW2 on launch day.

The process is simple (I did it myself last night). All you need to do is link the account used by your PC Overwatch account to the console version in the main channel version and click on the “Merge Accounts” section in the main menu. This will ask you which accounts you want to merge, and once this is confirmed, Blizzard will say that your cumulative efforts on both accounts will be merged into one account on October 4th.

If you have questions or concerns about the program, Blizzard has created a very lengthy FAQ page that you can find here.


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