“Block everything you can”, asks Mélenchon to the students

“Block everything you can”, asks Mélenchon to the students

“Block everything you can” from March 7, rebellious leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon urged Friday evening in front of students in Paris. While a renewable strike began Friday in the energy sector, Jean-Luc Mélenchon felt that it was necessary to “raise the level of requirement”.

“What will happen from the 7th is extraordinary”, launched the rebellious during a conference at the House of Solidarity Associations, in the presence of the deputy LFI Louis Boyard, representatives of the Young insoumis, the union high school student The voice of high school students and the Alternative ESR student union.

After the trade union mobilization of March 7, that of women on March 8, that of young people on March 9 and that for the climate on March 10, the triple presidential candidate forms “the wish that we very quickly call for another mass rally! A Saturday ! “.

“Political Victory”

On the evening of the 7th, he wants the establishment of “general meetings of employees, but also of AG of citizens”. “The pension reform is emblematic of neoliberalism. If we win, we will score a point that will echo around the world! “. It is not “only” about pension reform, but “about a world that needs to be brought down”, he said.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon believes that the government reform has “no parliamentary legitimacy” thanks to “the political victory” of the rebellious, who prevented the text from being voted on in the Assembly. In the Senate, “there is a greater interest in nothing being voted on. If the senators succeed, I take my hat off to them. If they don’t succeed, I invite them to take inspiration from what the rebellious are doing”.

“Youth, once you’re on the street, once you’ve pushed Emmanuel Macron back on pensions, don’t stop there: talk to him about Parcoursup”, the orientation platform for high school students much criticized by the left , invited MP Louis Boyard a little earlier. “When high schools and universities are blocked, there is a seesaw. You will win. »


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