Blockade of trucks at the Brenner pass, we are moving towards the infringement procedure against Austria

Blockade of trucks at the Brenner pass, we are moving towards the infringement procedure against Austria

2023-06-01 05:59:00

Brenner, we are moving towards the infringement procedure against Austria for the bans: Salvini accelerates

“The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matthew Salvini will formalize the infringement procedure against Austria for the bans on the Brenner pass“. This was announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in a note. “The decision was reached today, at the end of the Transport Council in Luxembourg: Italy has presented all its reasons, strongly supported by Germany and then by other countries such as Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Holland, Bulgaria”.

“We talked about the problem of pollution from private jets, when Austrian choices cause tens of kilometers of queues. An unsustainable situation. Treaties and free movement must apply to everyone. We all care about the environment but the Brenner corridor does not belong only to Austria, Germany or Italy but belongs to all of Europe”. Thus the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructures, Matthew Salvini, in Luxembourg. For this reason, Salvini reiterated again, “the Council takes note of the economic and environmental unsustainability, the intervention of the Commission is needed“.

Rome’s challenge to Vienna is about i Austrian bans which limit the movement of heavy vehicles. The Brenner Pass is in fact the crucial frontier in the exchange of goods between Italy and Germany: the continuous transit of trucks that engulfs the motorway arteries of the Tyrol has led Vienna to impose more and more restrictions on truck that go or come from Italia e Germania.

European Union: “We are disappointed by Austria”

But Vienna’s attitude in the negotiations has also been criticized by itself Ue. “I am disappointed by the fact that, while Italy and Germany are willing to support a compromise” on traffic in the Brenner corridor, “Austria continues to delay discussion without actually seeking or accepting any proposition. This is not a constructive attitude. All the measures taken on the Brenner Pass are not helping, even for Austria itself, and are not sustainable. The dosage measures” that limit the traffic of heavy vehicles “are not good, they limit the free movement of goods and increase emissions for blame the lines of trucks” and “we do not support these measures”. This was declared by the European Commissioner for Transport, Age in Valeat the end of the EU Transport Council in Luxembourg.

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