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It sounds absurd what Apple is suggesting in a new support document: Motorcycles could damage the iPhone’s camera systems. But at second glance, the problem may be even bigger than it first appears.

Apple admits problems

The problem is not new – but Apple is now acknowledging it for the first time. For years, users have been reporting that their iPhone suddenly only takes blurry photos. Now Apple seems to have found the solution. In a new one The company’s support document describes that iPhone models with optical image stabilization systems (OIS) installed in their cameras can be damaged by high-frequency vibrations.

Apple does not recommend installing the iPhone on motorcycles with powerful engines for long periods of time. Smaller motorized vehicles such as scooters or mopeds are not affected by the problem. Nevertheless, Apple advises only using smartphones on vehicles with a holder that absorbs shocks.

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Probably more cell phones affected

The motorcycle problem affects all iPhones with optical image stabilization. According to Apple, OIS was first used in the iPhones 6 Plus and 6S Plus. However, it is not installed in all newer devices. The basic iPhones from model 11 onwards do not have an OIS, but there is one in the second generation iPhone SE and many Pro models of the smartphone.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, currently the best Android phone, also has an optical image stabilizer

Photo: BILD / Martin Eisenlauer

In general, the problem described by Apple should not only affect the iPhone. Because the systems made of movably mounted lenses are not developed by Apple itself, but are purchased from suppliers. The warning not to use them on motorcycles for a long time should therefore affect all smartphones that use optical image stabilization.



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