BMS Ashdod is already thinking about BS in the cup

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After the semi-official return to the league with the ranking games in the Toto Cup, MS Ashdod is already preparing for the cup match against Hapoel BS, Tomer Omar will start in goal instead of Jarafi and Ben Shimon intends to go up with his fully qualified squad

MS Ashdod was reserved for the game against Bnei Rayna on Thursday evening as another practice game for the official return to the league.

Unfortunately for the team, the result is less important, the main problem is the suspension of the team’s goalkeeper Yoav Jarafi, who will be missing for the team in the cup game against Hapoel Besh next week.

The team’s coach, Ran Ben Shimon, started with a strong lineup except for Nenad Savatkovic, whom he preferred not to risk, but the goalie’s expulsion spoiled his cards.

The problem is that the second goalkeeper Sahar Hasson is also injured and will not be fit, so Ben Shimon has already said and officially announced that Tomer Amr, the third goalkeeper and the youth goalkeeper last season, will be between the posts.

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