Boarded an internal flight in Mexico and found out she was on her way to Seattle

A young Mexican woman claimed that airline employees allowed her to board the wrong flight that took her to Seattle instead of a city in Mexico. She found herself on the way to Seattle without a passport since she was flying within Mexico

A Mexican woman’s flight home to the southern city of Tustla Gutierrez turned into a five-hour nightmare when she found herself on her way to Seattle.

Marijosa Gamboa, 29, was three hours into a flight she thought was between two cities in Mexico when a flight attendant handed her a US border customs declaration form to fill out. And in a moment of panic, Gamboa realized she was actually on her way to Seattle.

Gamboa claimed that Volaris airline employees directed her to change lines while she was waiting for her flight, and checked her boarding pass twice before takeoff.

According to Gamboa, she was at the departure gate at Guadalajara International Airport last week when a ground handler told her to move to another gate before boarding the flight. Gamboa said she went to the other gate. A staff member at the gate checked her boarding pass and still allowed her to board the plane bound for Seattle.

She said that another passenger took the seat assigned to her and that one of the flight attendants even went inside, led her to another seat, but still did not notice the mistake, so The Daily Mail reported.

“At that moment I was very sure and I sat down, I waited and they didn’t say anything to me, Gamboa said. “The flight attendant checked the boarding pass to confirm the seat to make sure it was correct and she didn’t say anything to me and the flight took off.”

According to her, about two hours after landing in Seattle, one of the flight attendants approached her and handed her a US border customs declaration form to fill out. Gamboa had no idea what the form was for and asked a flight attendant for assistance because she could not understand the English on the form.

The flight attendant was shocked when she learned that Gamboa did not carry a passport because she was flying an internal flight. Gamboa said she only found out the plane was going to Seattle after she asked a passenger next to her for help. The plane’s crew from the Volris company asked her for a phone number to contact her family in Mexico, and gave her a confirmation indicating that they were aware of the incident.

Upon landing, one of the Volris crew escorted Gamboa to the airport, where she was interviewed by ground crew, and escorted back to the plane. The Volris company paid for her flight back to Mexico to the city of Tustla Gutierrez.

“I was told that I would not have a registration, which means it would not be considered a violation of the law, and I have 24 hours to be in foreign territory and return to Mexico,” she said. “A police officer escorted me from the gate to the plane door and to my seat.” Gamboa said the ground crew at the airport she took off from, tried to locate her, and were able to discover that she was actually on the wrong plane.


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