«Body shaming» on children: obsessing over their physical appearance makes them fragile

A leaner body in today’s common mentality is a more beautiful body, therefore more acceptable and lovable by others. And children learn from an early age that this is the ideal model of physical perfection to which the narcissistic society of our times aspires and on which success and happiness depend. “The evidence of the scientific literature shows that stereotyped judgments with respect to body shapes are precocious, they appear already around the age of three and they grow with age, and that what influences them are first and foremost the comments and behavior of parents, even grandparents if they usually look after their grandchild – he declares Laura Dalla Ragione, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who directs the network of services for eating disorders of the USU Umbria 1 -. In studies involving 3-5 year old children the fat image is most often associated with negative features and in fewer cases those who are overweight are chosen as a best friend. Those who have a disapproving attitude towards obesity usually describe their family members as very interested in nutrition and physical appearance ».

“Body shaming”: what to do (and not to do)


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