«Body Snatchers», videos and avatars in an eighteenth-century chapel. In Polignano

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twelve o’clock, April 20, 2021 – 20:29

The project of the collective Like A Little Disaster: nine artists on the international scene measure themselves against the theme of the body, a great absent in this period of isolation

of Marilena Di Tursi

How to transform the obligation of distancing into a solitary mystical experience? For example, entering a church one at a time to watch a series of videos regulated by software that projects them according to a variable succession, in accordance with the so-called canonical hours, from lauds to vespers of the Christian calendar. It happens in the church of San Giuseppe in Polignano a Mare, an eighteenth-century chapel where it is possible to undergo, until next May 30, the hieratic enjoyment of Body Snatchers (The Church), a project signed by the Like A Little Disaster collective and the Pane Project. Access is by appointment ([email protected]) and the experience of vision is lived as an epiphany of images, elaborated by nine artists of the international scene. The common theme is the body, largely absent in this period of desocialization of public life, denied in its concreteness because it is transmuted into an image.

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In the video of Body Snatchers
Many approaches

Many approaches: the American Petra Cortright offers her face to the camera in a live portrait disturbed by the intrusion of banal emoticon-style icons; British Heather Phillipson focuses on an anatomical heart, the only subject of a metaphorical narrative about life and feelings. Oliver Laric, Austrian, focuses on continuous metamorphic transitions, thanks to an animation that allows transitions of species and hybridizations with cartoons. Julie Grosche remembers that in the absence of gravity it is impossible to cry and entrusts the pounding declaration to a child avatar who punches him and shields him with his repeated frame. Consistent with the sacredness of the environment, Brbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca, a German-Brazilian duo, mix sounds from pop and neo-melodic repertoires. While the Kurdish artist Jala Wahid superimposes oriental harmonies to sizzling pieces of meat. One of the most interesting of her generation, Laure Prouvost, French, confidently handles dreamlike environments and realities for the use of people hidden by masks. Closes Ed Atkins able to associate distressing spaces, generated by the computer, with avatars of touching virtual corporeity, which offer emotional experiences. Ultimately, suggests Giuseppe Pinto, one of the curators of the project: we just have to caress the screen and accept – albeit in a painful way – the value of being immaterial.

April 20, 2021 | 20:29

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