BoJo reopens England on July 19, we have to live with Covid

by time news – The epidemic of resumed racing in the UK due to the Delta variant but the british premier, , announced for July 19 the of England. Via the obligation of masks and the limits to social interactions; smart working will no longer be required.

In addition, all pubs, night clubs and discos will reopen, with no limits to the number of people admitted.

Commercial establishments and businesses will be able to decide independently to request an immunization test from patrons, but there will not be any type of vaccination pass in place. In case of contact with a positive, self-isolation remains valid but those who have already received two doses will be able to avoid it.

Other details on holidays and quarantine will be communicated later in the week while the confirmation or eventual revocation of these decisions will be given on 12 July.

Faced with the fears raised by the growing number of daily infections, the Downing Street chief acknowledged that the outbreak “will certainly not be over by July 19“; however,” we must be honest with ourselves: if we can’t reopen the company in the next few weeks, when will we be able to get back to normal? “.

“The alternative is to open in the winter when the virus will have an advantage”, he added.

The number of Covid cases is growing rapidly: in the UK in the last 24 hours, 27,334 new infections have been recorded, noin the week of June 29-July 5, the number grew by 53.2% compared to the previous seven days.

And the estimates indicate that by July 19 there will be about 50,000 infections a day, Johnson said, noting that the vaccination campaign is ahead of schedule – 45.35 million Britons who have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 33.73 are fully immunized – and immunization remains effective against the coronavirus.

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About this, the government has decided to reduce the interval between doses from 12 weeks to 8 for those under 40.

Despite the increase in cases, hospital admissions and deaths do not experience the same exponential growth seen in the second wave (1,953 new patients in the time frame 23-29 June, + 24.2%; deaths in the last week were 128, an increase of 4.9%), although hospitalizations have begun to increase more rapidly in recent days.

According to a YouGov survey, i71% of Brits want masks to remain mandatory on public transport while for 66% they should remain in shops and closed public spaces. Additionally, 70% say they would feel less safe if they were in a crowded or unventilated place and people wore no face masks.


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