Bolsonaro says that the missing Briton was “badly seen” in the Amazon

The Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaroaffirmed this Wednesday that the British journalist Dom Phillipswho disappeared with an indigenist in a remote area of ​​the Amazon, was “frowned upon in that region” for his work as a reporter.

“That Englishman was frowned upon in that region, because did many reports against the ‘garimpeiros’ (illegal miners) and the environmental issue“, declared the ruler in an interview with a YouTube channel directed by the Bolsonarist journalist Leda Nagle.

Phillips, a contributor to The Guardian newspaper and other media, and the indigenista Bruno Araújo Pereira, are missing since June 5 in a remote area of ​​the Amazon near the border of Brazil with Peru and Colombia. So far, search teams have located some personal items of both and the authorities fear that they may have been assassinated by mafias of illegal fishermen and miners that operate in that region and have already threatened Araújo Pereira.

Bolsonaro reiterated this Wednesday his opinion that both knew of the danger they could run and, therefore, they were not prudent. “They decided to enter a totally inhospitable area, alone, without security, and then the problem occurred,” Bolsonaro said, adding that “many people did not like them in that region,” for which “they had to pay extra attention to themselves.” “.

According to the leader of the extreme right, “it is very reckless to walk through that region without being properly prepared, physically, mentally, with duly authorized weapons”, since it is an area in which, in addition to the mafias, there are also “river pirates”.

The disappearance of the journalist and the indigenist has generated a huge wave of concern among environmental movements and even in some multinational entities, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which has urged the Brazilian government to reinforce the searches.

This Wednesday, he also stated his “deep concern” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who even offered help to Brazil to solve the case.

Until now, the Brazilian authorities have arrested two peoplesuspected of having followed Phillips and Araújo Pereira when they were sailing down a river in the Javarí Valley, where they were last seen.


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