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KLAGENFURT – Nothing to do for HCB Alto Adige Alperia, which at the Stadthalle in Klagenfurt gives way to EC KAC with a score of 4 to 2. A result gained in the third half, after a balanced 2 to 2 at the end of the first 40 minutes: the South Tyrolean markings by Miceli and Findlay. 700th presence with the HCB for captain Anton Bernard.

The Coach Doug Mason presents the same lineup seen against Fehervar. Out only the injured Marco Insam.

Starting at a rather slow pace, with teams struggling to build dangerous actions. The KAC tries in powerplay, but the Bolzano defends well and Boyle lowers the shutter. The Foxes, on the other hand, arrive at the first shot on goal in the eighth minute of play, with Halmo not able to surprise Dahm. A minute later, at 9:26 am, Ganahl catches Rok Ticar, who all alone knocks Boyle out and bags. The hosts try to exploit the positive inertia and Boyle has to work overtime in the one-on-one with Bischofberger: the Austrian striker tries even a few minutes later, with a volley that is stopped again by the goalkeeper White Red. Bolzano tries to raise the forecheck and touches a draw with Catenacci, while in the final of the fraction the first powerplay in favor is not successful.

The Foxes change gears in the second half. At 21:10 Maione verticalizes for Frank, disc for Miceli who face to face with Dahm is not wrong. Three minutes pass and the overtaking arrives: Gazley leads the counterattack on the right, awaits the insertion of Findlay who on the fly signs the 2 to 1. The red and white then find themselves in numerical superiority for 4 minutes, finding however few ideas and conclusions: only in the final of powerplay arrive the attempts of Findlay, Gazley and Maione, but Dahm is careful. At the return in numerical parity, the guests always play better, touching the trio with Frigo, the protagonist of a good game. At 34:17, however, the KAC finds the impromptu draw: Bischofberger sees the insertion of Witting, who, left alone by the Bolzano rearguard, seats Boyle and bags the draw.

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The third half, however, opens as the worst it could not: Bolzano finds itself in numerical inferiority and at 41:12 Postma signs the 3 to 2, placing Ticar’s assist on the net of first intention. The Slovenian striker is also the protagonist at 51:37, taking advantage of a stray puck and bagging the 4 to 2 that bends the legs to the Foxes. The red and white try, but fail to worry a Dahm always granite. In the final the assault with the sixth man of movement does not have the desired effects and at the siren it is the KAC to celebrate the three points.

Bernard and his teammates will be back on the ice on Sunday 24 October, at 18:30, for the Palaonda match against the iClinic Bratislava Capitals. Tickets available online and on presale at the stadium tomorrow (Saturday) from 6pm to 8pm and Sunday from 11am to 1pm.

EC KAC – HCB Alto Adige Alperia 4 – 2 [1-0; 1-2; 2-0]

Networks: 09:26 Rok Ticar (1-0); 21:10 Angelo Miceli (1-1); 24:11 Brett Findlay (1-2); 34:17 Samuel Witting (2-2); 41:12 Paul Postma PP1 (3-2); 51:37 Rok Ticar (4-2)

Referees: Rencz, Sternat / Bärnthaler, Little Kiraly
Spectators: 3.248

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