HHave you ever lifted a 40-pound barbell? That’s pretty difficult, but possible. However, if the object cannot be packed properly, it can hardly be lifted. Many cargo bikes, for example, are in this weight class.

Even small landings can become an almost insurmountable hurdle for them. But that’s just the cliché. Because the range of cargo bikes has long diversified.

In addition to the classic two-track cargo bike with the big box between the front wheels, you can see the single-track Long John bikes as well as so-called long-tail models that have an extended rear luggage rack. This offers space for up to two child seats, a bench or boxes.

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However, if you value agile handling, you will hardly find suitable models among these bikes trimmed for payload. But there are also lively cargo bikes – such as the Danish brand Omnium or the Cologne-based manufacturer Bombtrack. In the test, its Munroe Cargo model shows what it can do.

Purpose of the Munroe Cargo

The bike is good for commuting in the city, says Bombtrack founder Manuel Schürholz. And if there is more to load on the way there or back – why not? “Cement sacks, paint buckets or crates of drinks can be transported without any problems.” Some used the model as a second bicycle.

If you talk to Schürholz about cargo bikes, the words “well off” quickly come up in order to ride one. What he means: Cargo bikes are expensive and not everyone can afford one. If you look around the market, you will quickly notice that quality bikes are rarely available for less than 2500 euros.

The Munroe Cargo can handle some weight

As long as the load doesn’t get too bulky, the Munroe Cargo can handle some weight

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

With the Munroe Cargo, Schürholz says, on the other hand, they have developed an “inexpensive cargo bike for everyday use” that hardly differs in handling from a normal bike. The model is also correspondingly space-saving and, due to its low weight, can also be carried into the basement.

Munroe Cargo technology

Starting with the frame: As common as the material aluminum from which the frame and fork are made, the design is unusual in its shape.

The Munroe Cargo has two top tubes, which should make the main frame torsion-resistant. Because the luggage carrier load is introduced into the frame via the head tube, the decision was made to use the second top tube, says Schürholz.

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The down tube is made using hydroforming, a process that also promises increased rigidity without the material weight getting out of hand. The frame weighs 3.24 kilos, the fully assembled bike in size M weighs 14.8 kilos – quite light for a cargo bike.

The double top tube is the external characteristic of the model

The double top tube is the external characteristic of the model. However, the cables are routed externally

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

The truth is that the payload is reduced. If the load on cargo bikes is often 100 kilos, the manufacturer releases the front rack of the compact Bombtrack for 30 kilos – more than on a normal rear luggage rack.

“This is enough for most purchases. And if there should be more, the limiting factor is usually the volume and not the excessive load weight,” says Schürholz.

The front rack is firmly connected to the aluminum frame

The front rack is firmly connected to the aluminum frame. That’s why it was designed to be particularly stable with a double top tube

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

The different sized wheels reinforce the exotic impression. The bike rolls on a 27.5-inch rim at the back, and a 20-inch wheel rotates at the front.

Quick-release axles prevent the wheels from being installed crookedly, and installation and removal are quick and easy. Typically, thanks to the design, there are hardly any mistakes when fitting the brake discs.

Driving impression of the Munroe Cargo

What is noticeable on the first few meters: the bike is very manoeuvrable. This is made possible by the rather short wheelbase of 1100 millimeters (size M), but above all by the small front wheel in combination with the handlebars, which can be turned almost at a 90-degree angle. Balance artists could turn around on the spot.

Because the front wheel is small, the front rack can sit far down. Cargo travels low with a favorable center of gravity, the driving characteristics are hardly affected up to a certain weight and speed. In addition, cargo at the front affects handling less negatively than at the rear.

The handlebars can be turned by around 90 degrees

The handlebars can be turned by around 90 degrees. This makes agile, almost artistic driving possible

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

It is possible to transport a crate of water, but from around 15 to 20 km/h the frame construction begins to wobble slightly. You should also be careful that the load does not interfere with the handlebars.

The double foot stand does a good job. Even with the crate of drinks saddled up, the small cargo bike is stable. But you should make sure that the ground is not crooked, otherwise the load will tip over with a little push.

But the tires are responsible for contact with the ground. And they make it comfortable simply because of its width of 2.3 inches at the front and 2.2 inches at the back, so that you don’t miss suspension elements on the bike, which is also purist in style. They would only make it more expensive unnecessarily – why when the cushioning of the rubber is sufficient in most situations?

Wide tires: 2.3-inch tires are fitted at the front and 2.2 inches at the rear

Wide tires: 2.3-inch tires are fitted at the front and 2.2 inches at the rear

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

The Munroe gets uncomfortable on cobbles, but that’s the case on almost every bike without expensive full suspension. However, heavy loads can force you to drive particularly slowly there. What can also happen on the mountain.

But the small cargo bike is equipped with very light gears. On the other hand, it also offers high gear ratios for fast empty runs.

Matching this: the sporty sitting position. Right bent you are on the Munroe on the way. You can’t expect smooth running like on a trekking bike with big wheels, but that’s less important in the urban jungle.

Equipment, accessories, peripherals

Nothing on the bike looks cheap, although the shifting components of the 2×9 drive do not come from the top dogs Shimano or Sram, but from the Taiwanese budget brand Microshift. For the hydraulic disc brakes, Bombtrack has opted for Shimano goods with 160 mm brake discs.

The 2x9 derailleur comes from the low-cost Taiwanese manufacturer Microshift

The 2×9 derailleur comes from the low-cost Taiwanese manufacturer Microshift. No loss of quality was felt during the test drives

Source: dpa-tmn/Stefan Weißenborn

There are only a few holes on the frame: on the down tube, where a drinking bottle holder is typically adjusted, and on the seat stays for a rear luggage rack. Mounts for mudguards are available, but these are not included in the scope of delivery.

Bicycle lights must also be purchased separately in order to keep the basic price as low as possible. In order to make the bike suitable for everyday use in wind and weather and also safe for traffic in the dark, you should plan an extra budget.

The price of the Munroe Cargo

The Bombtrack Munroe Cargo costs 1350 euros and is available in two sizes. According to the manufacturer, it is therefore suitable for people between 1.65 and 1.95 meters tall.

Conclusion: The Munroe Cargo is not a children’s taxi – but it is agile and light: The Bombtrack is a compact bike that extends the definition of cargo bikes downwards. Loads that are too bulky cannot be carried on board, but the construction is robust.

Und: When unloaded, the bike from Cologne moves more lively than many normal bicycles. It’s rare to find so much riding fun on a cargo bike – especially since the price isn’t in the thousands.

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