Bonaccini-De Luca clash over the Sputnik vaccine – There is a controversy between Stefano Bonaccini and Vincenzo De Luca over the Russian Sputnik vaccine. The governor of Emilia-Romagna condemns the decision of his party mate, and governor of Campania, to proceed with the purchase of the serum developed by Russian scientists before the authorization of Ema or Aifa arrives. A decision against which the undersecretary of health, Pierpaolo Sileri, also took sides shortly after.

“No Italian region can buy vaccines without the authorization of Ema or Aifa”, attacked Bonaccini interviewed half an hour longer, on Rai 3. “If a Region bought vaccines by itself”, he added, “I believe that the General Figliuolo would ask that the incoming sera be divided for all Italians. We are a nation, not twenty small countries “.

Shortly before, De Luca had justified his decision by arguing that those in which we live are not times of “ordinary administration”, but “we are at war and since there are vaccines that have already been administered to millions of citizens, the effectiveness can be safely tested. of the vaccine in one month, not six months. This is what we are asking the government and AIFA and obviously we will adhere to the scientific recommendations on the vaccine ”.

But the move by the Campania governor did not go down even to Undersecretary Sileri. “The market has two rules, no vaccine can be purchased without AIFA’s green light, even if you want to take it you cannot distribute or buy it”.

De Luca therefore, Sileri argues, “cannot give a drug without approval to his patients, it is a drug that is not validated. The second reason is that we cannot move in no particular order “.

For Sileri, “Italy is made up of 21 regional health systems and it is right that they are coordinated at a central level and that the purchase is central. I understand the sensitivity of the governor De Luca”, he concludes, “but the purchasing and distribution is central and it is necessary that what arrives on our territory is validated. Not that the Sputnik vaccine is not safe, but if there is a perimeter of a regulatory body, we must stay within that perimeter “.



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