Paolo Bonolis, guest of Il Punto Z, responded to Pippo Baudo’s accusations: “Everyone gets on as they want”

The quarrel between Pippo Baudo and Paolo Bonolis has not yet closed. The first on the occasion of his 85 years has commented on the most popular television programs of recent years and above all the work of those who are considered his heirs, namely Carlo Conti and Bonolis.

“I just look and unfortunately I always see the same things, – Baudo said about Conti – a format repeated 7, 8 times. I read that Carlo Conti is back with Tale and Which, but is it possible? Still? It’s terrible”. “Paolo Bonolis is very good, he is cultured, witty, intelligent. – the historical presenter had continued – But aren’t you ashamed to do another one every year? But make an effort, invent something new. And then all that vulgarity … who is not good. Today’s TV is made up only of photocopies “.

Bonolis replies to Pippo Baudo: “Do I always do the same things? He spent 13 years in Sanremo, everyone is relentless as he wants”

Bonolis out of character wanted to respond in kind to the comments of his colleague during the program Il Punto Z: “Everyone says what they can, what should they do? Pippo thinks this and says, what should he do? I’ve been doing another one for eleven years, he has been doing Sanremo for thirteen years. Everyone is relentless as he wants ”.

During the interview Paolo Bonolis also opened to the hypothesis of the participation of his wife, Sonia Bruganelli, in the Big Fatello Vip as a columnist: “If she does it, it means she likes it. You don’t have to ask me for any permission. I will watch it unless there is some important match ”.

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