Bordeaux-Rodez: Lucas Buades “is not doing very well”, according to his lawyer

Bordeaux-Rodez: Lucas Buades “is not doing very well”, according to his lawyer

2023-06-06 09:54:51

Trauma to the larynx, death threats, traumatic amnesia… His lawyer assures him, the Ruthenian Lucas Buades, attacked on Saturday evening by a Bordeaux supporter, while celebrating the goal he had just scored, “is not well” .

Guest of After Foot on RMC Sports this Monday evening, Me Karine Shebado gave news of the RAF striker. “He is not doing very well, she said (…) for several reasons. First because he was the victim of a double infraction, when he had only scored a goal and celebrated it, she explained. (…) And then because we have reactions afterwards, an outpouring of hatred, a lot of threats”.

According to the lawyer, since Saturday, Lucas Buades has received “death threats, threats of violence against him and those around him, but also the questioning of what he has experienced”. “He had a blow on the larynx, therefore a laryngeal trauma which made him fall to the ground. It fell on the left temple and there was traumatic amnesia,” she said.

“The doctors who saw him considered that it was serious enough for him not to return to the game. And then my client’s situation is changing, finally insisted Me Karine Shebado. We see everywhere that he would only have one day of ITT. That, we will know on the day of judgment because this situation is evolving. And above all, it was not he who decided to stop the match. There was a whole protocol which was respected and it is the referee who decides to stop the match definitively ”.

“We try to make the images say another reality”

The player’s defense wanted to come back more precisely to the course of events, in particular around the management of the striker of the day. “A first doctor saw him, then a second, and they were the ones who were with him for hours to see what the situation was, how he was doing. Maybe that’s where the trouble came from, thinking that at first maybe we were going to take him to the hospital, then we finally decided not to move him at that time, so that he remains under observation and that we see the evolution of his condition”.

“My client was hit, that’s obvious. We are now trying to make the images say another reality. (…) The match report speaks well of an attack on a player, of a security that is threatened”.

LFP decision expected on June 12

The lawyer confirmed that a complaint, from the player and his club, had been initiated. “The perpetrator was cited in correctional for the end of November, there will be a trial,” she assured. “I would have liked from the club receiving a phone call to my client. To perhaps apologize, find out how he is, “she finally added, believing that such an act would have been” fair play “.

As for the sporting aspect, the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) has decided to put the file on the fate of this match. “In view of the seriousness of the facts” and, “pending the decision, the result of the match is not counted in the classification”, indicated the LFP in a press release on Monday. The decision will be made on June 12 at 1 p.m.

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