Border Service of Ukraine denies violation of the airspace of Belarus

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Ukraine has not received official documents on the violation of the air border from the Belarusian authorities, said the press secretary of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko. He denied information about the crossing of the airspace of Belarus by Ukrainian pilots.

“The information regarding the illegal crossing of the airspace of the Republic of Belarus by Ukrainian pilots is not true. This situation was not recorded, ”the UNN agency quotes Mr. Demchenko’s statement (quoted by RIA Novosti). The representative of the border service also said that Ukraine “did not receive official letters about the violation of airspace from the State Border Committee (CPC) of Belarus.”

Earlier, the GPK said that the Ukrainian military helicopter Mi-8 violated the state border, having flown into the territory of the republic to a depth of 1 km. This happened near the Novaya Rudnya checkpoint.

At the end of November, Kiev launched a special operation “Polesie” on the border with Belarus, in which law enforcement officers and military personnel of Ukraine take part. In response, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a joint air patrol of the border with Russia.

The Minister of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin said that the build-up of NATO forces near the borders of the republic is similar to the events that took place before the Great Patriotic War. The minister saw in these actions “a set of measures to prepare for war.” The head of the Ministry of Defense also expressed concern about attacks on Belarus by Poland, the Baltic countries and Ukraine. According to him, the media are already making “some kind of territorial claims.”

Read about the situation around Belarus in the publication of Kommersant “Minsk is being cut, potassium is flying.”


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