Borne receives the parliamentarians of the majority on October 3

Cuddle therapy session and team building! While the parliamentarians of the majority find the benches of the National Assembly and the Senate from next Monday, Elisabeth Borne, according to our information, has planned to receive them the same evening at Matignon. The Prime Minister’s stated objective: to unite the troops and prepare them for the showdown that awaits them in the hemicycles while oh so strategic and crucial texts are going to be on the agenda. Starting with the long-awaited amending finance bill, but also the PLFSS (finance bill on social security) which we do not yet know whether or not it will be embellished with an amendment to pass into force pension reform.

After the stormy session last summer when they had to fight over the, yet consensual, bill on purchasing power, the deputies and senators of the majority know that the next few weeks will not be easy. And that the subjects put on the table in this new school year promise to be much more explosive. For Elisabeth Borne, the challenge will be that her troops do not scatter, that the bloc holds, when she does not have an absolute majority in the National Assembly. But also to avoid dissension within the majority groups, while some, whether at Renaissance, MoDem and Horizons, have already made their differences heard.


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