Botox, hyaluron and Co.: Pouty lips beauty trend

Filler: For the hip appearance, very young women often ask the doctor for help.
Bild: Mauritius

The beauty trend, especially among young women, is towards full pout lips. If you don’t have it naturally, you can use an injection to help – like during the lunch break.

Dhe face that looks at us in the mirror on our 18th birthday isn’t the one we have to grow old with – if we don’t like it. Women, and increasingly men, are generally familiar with three escalation levels to bring about changes: first the surface is creamed or peeled, then it is sprayed, and finally it is cut. The options are becoming ever more diverse and they are becoming ever more affordable. What used to be the preserve of a wealthy clientele is now almost as common as a manicure or haircut.

The use of injections with fillers of all kinds to help loosen up tissue or to give supposedly inconspicuous parts of the face a great appearance is becoming increasingly popular. Substances are injected to fill out or pad sunken areas of skin so that they appear plump and youthful again. In addition to collagen, hyaluronic acid is a popular “padding agent”. Since hyaluronic acid is also an endogenous substance that the connective tissue cells of the hypodermis can produce themselves, is everything completely natural? Not quite, because the treatment in the beauty salon uses synthetically produced hyaluronic acid, which is only similar to the natural one. Their quality can vary, but above all the filler can ugly push itself into the foreground if it ends up in the wrong places. But more on that later.


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