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2023-06-06 13:33:26

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Treatment of armpits and palms

Botox is an excellent treatment for excessive sweating. As a result, you sweat less in certain places. Think of your palms, soles or armpits. In this folder we inform you about a botox treatment of your armpits or palms.

NB: Are you pregnant and/or breastfeeding? Then we cannot treat you. Botox treatment is also not possible if you have or have had a neuromuscular disease (such as myasthenia gravis). Not even if you are allergic to botulinum toxin or albumin.

Before your first treatment

  • Do you have your armpits treated? Then shave your armpits on the day before your 1st treatment appointment. For example, if you have an appointment on Tuesday, you shave your armpits on Monday.
  • Do not use deodorant on the day of your 1st treatment. Because otherwise the iodine-starch test will not work properly.
  • During your 1st treatment appointment, we first perform an iodine-starch test:
    • We will then apply an iodine solution (dye) to your skin.
    • When this is dry, we put starch on it.
    • The sweat changes the color of the iodine solution to dark blue. This way the doctor can see exactly where you sweat and where you can best be treated.
    • The doctor then marks the area with a marker.
  • After this you will receive several injections in your armpit or hand. These injections can be sensitive. Of course we try to do this as painless as possible.

Side effects

What can you suffer from?

  • You may feel some discomfort and bruising here and there. This may take a few days.
  • The bruises may get bigger if you take blood thinners. Talk to your doctor about whether you should stop taking blood thinners.

What result can you expect?

  • You will notice the result within 1 to 2 weeks after your treatment.
  • The result lasts for most people between 3 and 12 months.
  • Once the botox wears off, the treatment can be repeated.

More information

Are you thinking about a treatment and/or would you like to know more? We would be happy to tell you more about it during a consultation. You can then contact us directly. A referral is not necessary.

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