Boy rescued alive from Indonesia earthquake rubble

Jakarta: Buildings collapsed due to earthquake in Indonesia. A 6-year-old boy trapped in the rubble was rescued alive after 2 days. On the 21st, a powerful earthquake occurred in the city of Cianjur on the island of West Java, Indonesia. The death toll has risen to 272.

150 people are missing. More than 700 people were injured. The rescue work of those trapped in the rubble is going on. A 6-year-old boy named Ajka Maulana Malik, who was caught in the rubble, was rescued alive after 2 days during a search operation at Nagrak village in Kuganang sub-district. However, the boy’s grandmother died in this earthquake. The boy was recovered near his body.

The bodies of the boy’s parents have already been recovered. A video has also been released about it. Due to this, the relatives of those trapped in the rubble have hope that they will be rescued.


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