Bper, Cimbri cools down on the merger: “Banco Bpm is not a hypothesis for now”

The Chief Executive Officer of Unipol, Carlo Cimbri, cools the hypothesis of a merger with Banco Bpm, defining it as a “fascinating”, but not a “main” option. In an interview with Sole 24 Ore he declared: “In our profession we have to look at reality. In my opinion, a possible merger with Banco Bpm is not a hypothesis that the bank can examine now ”.

Furthermore, Cimbri also reminds that in April “if he is appointed, the new CEO Piero Montani will take office and he will need time to get to know the structure and decide”. “In concrete terms – Cimbri points out – similar operations cannot be done on the fly”. The manager reveals that “perhaps there are different times between the parties involved”, “Bper is undergoing change and must make its way by presenting itself ready for any opportunity. It is therefore difficult for this to happen within the year ”.

The manager of Unipol, on the choice to replace the current Vandelli with Montani, recalls that the current head of the company “was the protagonist of the strong development phase that almost doubled the size of Bper”, and that together with the outgoing president Pietro Ferrari “they deliver a healthy bank to the future board, which will be able to take on a role as a protagonist in the economic-financial panorama of our country “. However, “as shareholders we have a duty to look to the future and to create the best conditions to move, as the Americans say, from” good “to” great “, underlined the Ceo.

“The bank did well, Montani is functional to put Bper in the best conditions to face future opportunities that the bank will evaluate”, concluded Cimbri. A board with “hands free”, which will be able to evaluate various options. Among the most “fascinating” for Carlo Cimbri, as reported by Sole 24 Ore, is a “transaction with the Banca Popolare di Sondrio”, once it becomes a spa. He also says he is open to Carige, while denying a hypothesis with Mps, emphasizing how “growing” is “important”, but always implementing rational and thoughtful operations


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