Bper joins M’illumino di less this year too

Once again this year Bper Banca joins M’illumino di meno, the international day of energy saving and sustainable lifestyles, this night turning off the signs of the Modena Service Center and of 164 branches throughout the country. The proposal of M’illumino di Meno 2021, promoted by Caterpillar and Rai Radio2, now in its seventeenth edition, is dedicated to the “Leap of Species”, the ecological evolution in our way of life that we absolutely must do to get out of the pandemic better. The invitation is to tell, in fact, the small and large Leaps of Species in our lives, those already made and those in the program. For its part, BPER Banca has for some time been supporting numerous projects in favor of environmental protection, focusing above all on raising the awareness of the new generations.

The Institute has in fact been the promoter of important initiatives, including – for example – the photo contest “You are the change you would like to see” as part of the Green Social Festival, in addition to the 2020-2021 edition of the Junior Video Contest on Scientific Dissemination. , which continues to involve many schools throughout Italy on the theme of the energy cycle applied to sustainable mobility. On the other hand, there are two projects recently carried out in terms of reducing the use of plastic, one within the Bank, through the involvement of employees, the other in support of research: the first, “Bper Plastic Free”, saw the end 2020 the delivery to each of the colleagues of the Bper Group of a branded water bottle, as a substitute for plastic bottles, which has allowed a reduction in the use of the latter by over 2.5 million units per year; the second project, on the other hand, is “Ricircola”, a circular economy initiative that aims to improve the management of end-of-life plastic food trays, through the integration and empowerment of all the players in the supply chain.

The research project, conceived and coordinated by the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of Renewable Sources Environment, Sea and Energy (Ciri Frame) of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, aimed to test the sustainability of plastic through the direct involvement of each consumer, thus called to do their part.


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