Brave decision by Blasters and Ivan: Alvaro Vasquez in support

Brave decision by Blasters and Ivan: Alvaro Vasquez in support

Panaji – FC Goa player Alvaro Vasquez supported Kerala Blasters who left the ground in protest over a free kick goal during the knockout match against Bengaluru FC. Alvaro expressed his support for Kerala Blasters in his Instagram status. Alvaro Vasquez responded that it was a brave decision of Kerala Blasters and coach Ivan Vukomanovic to stop the match and leave the ground.

“It’s a shame that the Bengaluru FC-Blasters match ended like this. But it was also a brave decision. It is hoped that the organizers will come forward to conduct a fair and equal competition. Vasquez played for Kerala Blasters in the 2021-22 season. The player has scored eight goals and two assists in 23 games for the Blasters.

At the same time, Marcelinho, who has played for various clubs in the Indian Super League, also came forward to criticize the referee Crystal John who controlled the match. Marcelinho’s position is that the referee who communicated with the player is guilty of the incident. “The referee could have told the defense to prepare to take the free kick. The player who takes the kick should not be asked to make the decision.” – Marcelinho tweeted.

Sunil Chhetri scored for Bengaluru FC in the extra time of the knockout match. The Blasters players argued that the kick was taken before they were ready, but the referee Crystal John did not accept it. Then Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovic called the players back. This is the first time in the history of the Indian Super League that a team has left the ground without completing a match.

English Summary: Alvaro Vazques support Kerala Blasters and coach Ivan


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