Brawl Stars activates the countdown for Chuck’s release

Brawl Stars activates the countdown for Chuck’s release

2023-10-02 08:37:09

We are now halfway through season 20 of Brawl Starsand that means it’s time to welcome Chuck, the new mythical brawler. Although for this we will still have to be a little patient. A wait that will be worth it, because it smells like it will be broken again.

In fact, the professionals already place Chuck in the TOP Tier del meta junto a Shelly, Squeak o Crow, because the mobility of this new brawler is not going to make any sense. A train that is capable of running over everything in front of it. And you still won’t enjoy Hypercharging.

Chuck charges the super over time and at considerable speed, as well as dealing damage that stays in the area, like EMZ. A perfect mix with Stu, only at long distances, because with his super he is able to put up turrets and move between them while he does damage and Chuck gets shields. A bestiality that in combination with his stars and gadgets increases to a barbaric level.

He will thus become the eighth brawler of this 2023, the fourth outside of the Brawl Pass, and of them the third of mythical rarity after Willow and Doug. Only Hank did have the ‘minor’ rarity of Epic. An understandable movement, since a good part of the economy of Brawl Stars lies in unlocking brawlers.

At the moment there is no official announcement from the Supercell team, but the closest members of the community date the Chuck release next Monday, October 9. That means we are just one week away from being able to enjoy it. And by the way, keep in mind the amount of credits necessary to unlock it.

A few first days in which it will be mandatory to try to get Chuck, before it is too late and the first nerfs arrive, and which could arrive before the update.

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