Brawl Stars ‘delays’ the release date of Willow, the new brawler

Brawl Stars ‘delays’ the release date of Willow, the new brawler

Brawl Stars it rarely stitches without a thread, which helps the community take almost anything as a clear clue about an upcoming event. And right now all the spotlights are on the launch of the new brawler, Willow.

Willow will be the second brawler of this season 17, Mystery in Starr Park, although she does not receive changes It can be one of the worst in the game, despite its ability to control enemy brawlers. Despite this, like any new character, it is highly anticipated, and the hype is inevitable.

The leaks suggested that the mythical brawler would arrive in just two weeks, specifically on Monday, April 3. However, that stitch that we mentioned about Brawl Starsseems to be interpreted with a slight delay to its release.

Everything leads us to Brawl Basketball Challenge which began this Tuesday, March 21, being announced on social networks as usual. Another beautiful illustration in which we see an intense battle in Basket Brawl, and whose scoreboard shows a tight draw at four goals, so whoever scores would win that game.

A 4-4 that transferred to the calendar we would be talking about on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. The possible release date of Willow that is delayed one day with respect to those first leaks, although almost completely correct. In the end, Supercell makes last-minute decisions that may cause slight changes, even from officially confirmed data.

Now what many expect is that these supposed extra 24 hours will serve to change Willow’s statistics, adding light buffs to her kit of abilities, because although it is true that her ability is too powerful, it is useless if she can hardly ever use it at all. throughout a game, and without having much more impact without it.


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