Brawl Stars talks about adding 3rd star ability and 3rd gadget again

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2023-05-28 19:00:11

Brawl Stars launched his new Time to Explain podcast a couple of weeks ago, which has delighted some and disappointed others. But what we cannot ignore is that this new approach to the community resolved many of the most common doubts in the community.

And it is necessary to talk about the third star ability, something that has been talked about for almost three years, as well as the third gadget. One of the many questions that the team answered, and again in the affirmative when being within the roadmap, provided that the scenario for it is given.

The person in charge of the balance sheet Brawl Stars, Adrian Haggqvist, confirmed that it is indeed clear that it is something that they have considered. They have no firm decision and therefore it is not an idea for the short term, but of course it is there, as they made clear a few years ago.

It was the head of the team, Frank Keienburg, who developed the answer a bit more, explaining that they will not get down to work on this issue, since before a third gadget or third star ability is added, first it will be necessary to improve or rework some of the obsolete gadgets and stars what we have in Brawl Stars.

Once all or most of the abilities in the game are working and are useful in almost the same way, then it will be time to put into action some of those ideas that you already have to include both a third gadget and a third star ability. . But while many brawlers suffer from not having good health in their skill kit, having some that are practically useless, it’s an unnecessary overexertion to add more skills to an already full list of work to do.

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