Brazil, fear for Bolsonaro: hospitalized in the night

Brazil, President Bolsonaro hospitalized overnight for tests after severe abdominal pain

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, has been hospitalized in the night atHospital Brasilia military due to severe abdominal pain, official presidency sources report. This is the latest health alarm for the far-right leader, who was stabbed in the intestine during the election campaign in 2018. Bolsonaro, according to the official statement, he should remain under observation for 24-48 hours, but not necessarily as an inpatient.

Local media, such as the newspaper Or Balloon, had reported the recovery of the president explaining that he would have to undergo medical examinations. In July of last year, Bolsonaro he contracted Covid-19 from which, however, he recovered. She appears to have had a severe cough in recent months and more recently suffered from chronic hiccups, which added to fears of her actual health.


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