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Brazil are more dangerous without Neymar

Neymar is not in the Brazil team that will play the second match against Switzerland today in Qatar. Unlike before, Neymar-less Brazil are generally considered to be more dangerous this time around.

In the last two World Cups, the Brazilian team was built only by relying on Neymar. The failure of that strategy was also the sea of ​​tears that the Canaries received in their own country. This time, Tite had already planned the game by making up for the disadvantage of playing a game centered around Neymar.

Today’s match will therefore be easy for the yellow shirts. At the same time, the team has some weaknesses, although it was not evident in the first match. Let’s come to that.

It’s been 20 years since Brazil reached the World Cup with such an impressive line-up. The most important thing is that all the up-and-comers are young bloods who are eager to showcase their talent in front of the world. Vinicius and Rafinha have shown their talent in the first match.

Richarlison, on the other hand, made his name in the history of the World Cup in the first match. Rodrigo and Anthony are sure to be waiting for opportunities. By the time he got the role of substitute, Martinelli had flashed his pace and talent against Serbia.

If you want to play in the midfield, you can play a great team. But without bringing down Bruno Guimarães or Fabinho, Casemero and Paquita were tested in the first match. Neymar was given the role of an attacking midfielder.

Neymar had to be moved from his preferred position because Vinicius is currently playing in poor form in Neymar’s position. Eden Hazard, who brought a huge sum of money to Real Madrid, was unable to find a place in the team in front of the talent of Vinicius, and the team without Hazard won the Champions League and La Liga in the next season.

Tite, like the Madrid coaches, reached such a decision in the interest of the wider team. It paid off in the very first match. Richarlison’s goals came from Vinicius’ pass and woodwork.

The reason why the injury of a superstar like Neymar is not a concern for Brazil fans this time is because of the depth of talents like Vinicius, Martinelli, Richarlison and others on the left wing. The danger lies in the defense for the Brazilian team.

Brazil have an experienced but aging defense. What plan do they have to stop a lightning star like Mbapa? Observers believe that if Eder plays without Militao, the work will be done.

Tite has changed the style of attacking through wing backs that Brazil tried in the past. It’s because you can’t find the pacers like Carlos, Cafu or Dani Alves (old) and Marcelo. At the same time, Tite’s hope this time lies in the forwards who are capable of tearing apart any big defense.

Danilo and Sandro were faultless against Serbia, but Brazil’s 2022 World Cup prospects will depend on how well they can hold up against the likes of France, England and Spain.

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