Brazil with 3000 deaths a day “thanks” the denier Bolsonaro

“Over 3000 victims from Covid-19 in a single day” is the sad record reached yesterday by Brazil which seems to have entered the worst phase of the epidemic. Precisely, from the data of the Ministry of Health, 3,251 deaths were recorded, which led to 298,676 deaths since the beginning of the crisis. Only the United States had managed to pass the 3,000 daily deaths mark.

America, according to “Our World Data”, with over 3,000 deaths last December had a death rate of 9.6%. And before Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House, the casualties were nearly 5,000 in one day with a rate of 13.5%. Brazil, with around 210 million inhabitants, reached 15.5 deaths per million just yesterday.

The highest peaks occurred in the richest but also most populated state, that of San Paolo.

Although the state has the largest network of public and private hospitals at the moment there are practically no vacancies for new patients.

In fact, the occupancy rate of the beds in intensive care exceeds 91%.

The situation is similar, if not more dramatic, in the other states.

Last week, governors said drugs to sedate and intubate ICU patients were running out in at least 18 states and that more than 100 cities were already experiencing oxygen starvation.

In this total disaster, it is true that not only Brazil has passed but, while other nations have put in place measures to limit circulation or block citizens at home, the country seems to want to go in the opposite direction.

And this choice has only one person in charge, President Jair Bolsonaro. From the beginning, like Donald Trump, he denied the gravity of the crisis by contesting the gathering bans and above all by attacking the Governors who were and still are trying to carry out lockdowns with different intensities.

The result of this unfortunate policy is before everyone’s eyes: Brazil, with over 543,000 deaths, is the second country after the United States in this dramatic ranking. But it is also the only one in which more than 1000 daily deaths are recorded today.

In a message to the Brazilians, Bolsonaro said that “We don’t know how long we will have to face this crisis, but I want to reassure the Brazilian people. Vaccines are guaranteed. We are at a time when a new variant of the Coronavirus has unfortunately killed many Brazilians “. But Brazilians no longer seem to believe these belated reassurances.

Among the 10 countries with had the absolute highest number of deaths (United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, France, Germany and Spain), Brazil ranks first as a daily rate in proportion to the inhabitants.


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