Brazil’s largest pharmacy chain helps seniors adapt to digital tools

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2023-05-19 18:49:00

The largest pharmacy chain in Brazilmade up of the Raia and Drogasil brands, has announced an initiative called “40 Thousand Step Grandchildren“, which has provided support to the generation Baby Boomer (people born between 1945 and 1964) to adapt to digital tools and become more independent in the use of electronic commerce.

The project, developed in collaboration with A mixturea leading agency and consultancy in growth initiatives in Raia Drogasil, emerged when the chain brought the traditional personalized discounts of the physical coupons to your appoffering higher levels of discount in the digital environment.

The next step consisted of train 40 thousand employeesmostly belonging to the Generation Z (born between the second half of the 1990s and early 2010), from the Raia and Drogasil pharmacy networks to provide assistance to customers in the store.

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Special attention was paid to the elderly, since they represent a significant part of purchases in physical stores but are less active in the use of the application, which is a reflection of their generational characteristics.

This initiative succeeded in establishing a real connection between two generationss, where Gen Z took it upon themselves to help Baby Boomers through the entire process, from app download to checkout and in-store pickup in real time. This allowed Boomers to make purchases without relying on younger members of his family.

In addition, to gain the trust of this public, Raia Drogasil began to highlight in the physical coupons that the same offers had a higher discount in the application. The 40 thousand employees began to compare the offers of the printed brochures with those of e-commerce, demonstrating to the Boomers that, in addition to being practical and easy to use, the app offered better deals.


“The ’40 Thousand Step Grandchildren’ project is an initiative that brings various benefits, not only for the pharmacy chain, which has increased sales, but also for a whole generation that begins to adapt to new tools, in addition to strengthening the relationship of the brand with its customers. This is an initiative that makes the shopping experience easier and more accessible, one grandparent at a time,” says Marcelo Tripoli, CEO and founder of Zmes.

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Thanks to this initiative, Raia and Drogasil have experienced a 29% increase in sales for new online shoppers and over a million app downloads each month, with 65% of downloads were made in the store with the employee help. The pharmacy application has become the second most visited digital channel in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide. This strategy has allowed RD to reach a record 40% share in the digital market, achieving absolute leadership in electronic commerce in the pharmaceutical retail sector in Brazil.


“We believe that the digital inclusion is a right of all. That’s why, with the campaign and the training of 40,000 employees, our stores have become more than just a place to buy medicines and personal care products. Now, our employees are like grandchildren who help connect the Baby Boomer generation with the current market model, without giving up human warmth and face-to-face service”, highlights Vitor Bertoncini, CEO of RD Ads.


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