“Breast cancer” is detected early, treated in time, has a high chance of curing.

“Breast cancer” is detected early, treated in time, has a high chance of curing.

breast cancer It is the number 1 cancer that is most common in Thai women. Currently, there are 30-40 new cases per day and 10 deaths per day. The number of deaths is a worrying number. In other words, the number of deaths accounts for 25% of the number of new cases every day, indicating that some patients are late. and or slow healing

And although the statistics of breast cancer patients are mostly female aged 40 years and over, but nowadays there is a tendency for breast cancer patients to begin to decline. Some were detected even when they were only 20 years old. October is the month of International Campaign Against Breast Cancer which organizations around the world will come together to encourage everyone to be aware of the dangers of breast cancer

How to reduce the loss of life from breast cancer is a screening test Currently, there is an effective technology that allows us to detect it at an early stage, but if someone is diagnosed with cancer, do not be discouraged. because at present there is treatment options that helps the treatment results to be better than before meet the needs of more patients which specialized doctors from Nawavej Hospital Let’s talk about this in detail. It’s good information to share in the month of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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Women should be screened for breast cancer every year.

Dr. Chutinan Watcharakul, MD. Diagnostic Radiology Specialist and radiation therapy of the breast diagnostic radiology center Nawawet Hospital said that women should be screened for breast cancer every year. which the doctor will examine with appropriate tools according to age It is recommended that people aged 35 years and over have a mammogram and ultrasound examination together becausemammogramUsed to look at limestone, the pulling characteristics of the breast Ultrasound is used to look at cysts and lumps. Both methods are used together to give more accurate results. for those under 35 years of age and without symptoms An ultrasound examination is recommended first.

“It is important to check with a specialist doctor. Especially ultrasound that requires expertise in interpreting results. In which Nawawet has a radiologist who specializes in mammography. and use modern tools by mammogram examination using a machine Tomosynthesis which can take both 2D and 3D mammography images at the same time It takes about 10 seconds for each shot to produce a sharper image.”

“Provides detailed and accurate diagnostic results as it can examine all the details of the breast tissue. Clearly differentiate between normal tumors and breast cancer tumors. and also differentiate the fat Other tissues, including the ducts and glands in the mammary glands, to look for the binding of very small, suspected abnormal calcium deposits that may become cancerous in the future. This makes it possible to detect abnormalities at an early stage. Therefore, there is a very high chance of a cure.”

In addition, the work of Tomosynthesis It doesn’t use a lot of pressure to reduce the pain during the examination. and received a harmless amount of radiation If a suspected biopsy is found, the biopsy can be taken within the same day as it was detected. If there are abnormal cells, they can continue the treatment process. or follow up immediately

‘Breast cancer surgery with more choices’

Dr. Piyasak Tharavanich, MD. A surgeon specializing in breast surgery and breast augmentation Surgery Center (Breast) at Nawavej Hospital said that I want people with breast cancer to have encouragement and faith in treatment. I want to have a mindset that breast cancer is curable. Currently, the statistics of stage 0 breast cancer patients have a 99% chance of curing. Stage 1, 90% lost chance, Stage 2, 80-85% lost chance.

But it’s important to start with the right diagnosis. This requires a specialist in radiology to diagnose, interpret the results and indicate where the lesion is. When it was concluded that it was malignant, it went into the treatment process. In which Nawavej has a team of multidisciplinary doctors who will come together to determine which treatments should be performed in sequence, surgery, medication, radiation or chemotherapy.

“In breast cancer surgery Previously, we knew that there were two methods, namely, the whole breast surgery. and breast conserving surgery For people who don’t want to lose their breasts But this method ensures that the remaining breast meat does not have any suspected lesions. And after the surgery, there is still breast tissue in shape. which should be cut off the whole breast But the patient wants to reserve the breast, it can be done by giving medicine to reduce the size of the lump first. to have the surgery and the breast tissue remains.”

or in the case of multiple lesions that need to be cut off the whole breast But the patient wants to preserve the breast. It will remove the inner breast tissue, collect the skin, nipples, and nipples, and then take the patient’s tissues, such as abdominal fat, and insert them, or insert silicone instead. There is also surgery to prevent breast cancer. This reduces the chance of breast cancer by 95%. This is done in cases where genetic testing reveals the presence of a gene that contributes to the risk of breast cancer. which Nawavej can treat all the methods mentioned above.”

Dr. Piyasak added that The purpose of breast cancer treatment is to allow patients to return to their normal lives as much as possible. But what you should know is that whether a breast cancer surgery or cut out the whole breast There is a chance that the cancer will come back again. Therefore, it must always be monitored according to the advice of a doctor.

‘Doctors and patients plan together. for best results’

Dr. Vikrom Gennetisin, MD. Internal Medicine Oncology and Chemotherapy Metaverse Center (Cancer and blood diseases) Nawawet Hospital said that the use of cancer drugs is unique to each person. Some people have surgery and take medication alone. Some people don’t even need medication. Some people have to have injections for another year. But some people use the drug for a short time depending on the type of breast cancer.

“Some patients may say they don’t want chemotherapy. We will see what the cause of the patient’s disease is. Can it be treated with other methods? In some cases, chemotherapy may not be necessary. At present, we can assess by taking the tumor and blood to be examined and then calculate it as a score. To see if the patient has received chemotherapy, what percentage chance of recurrence in 10 years? to determine if receiving chemotherapy was more beneficial than not receiving it In this regard, the Metaverse Center at Nawavej Hospital has modern technology that can be analyzed. But if chemotherapy is needed Patients don’t have to worry. Because current chemotherapy drugs have few side effects. reduces vomiting reduce infection and reduce hair loss well.”

Dr. Wikrom added that In addition to chemotherapy drugs There are also drugs used to treat a variety of breast cancers. For example, hormone-stimulated breast cancer uses anti-hormonal drugs. To stop cancer from binding to hormones that occur in the body. to prevent breast cancer cells from growing again The group was caused by the Her2 gene present on the mammary cells. Drugs that block the activity of the Her2 gene will be given to cause the clot to collapse. and have a greater chance of being cured

“There are also targeted drugs. or immunotherapy drugs that began to play a greater role in the treatment In the past, this drug was used in the invasive stage to control disease. But it is now being used in the early stages to increase the chances of a cure. It can be said that at Nawavej Hospital, there are medicines to treat all types of breast cancer that are equivalent to foreign countries. The doctor and the patient and the patient’s family will come up with a treatment plan together. Patients can express concerns or want to avoid and then summarized as the most suitable method for each patient. The cost is at the level that the patient has access to.

Although the statistics of most breast cancer patients are females aged 40 years and over, nowadays there is a tendency for breast cancer patients to begin to decline. Some were detected even when they were only 20 years old. Screening is therefore something that should not be overlooked. In addition, many people think that breast cancer only affects women. but in fact Men can get breast cancer. But the statistics are still low, 1 in 100, most of which are hereditary.

Therefore, if there are 2 or more people in the family with breast cancer, they should be careful or should come for a genetic test. to check whether there is a gene for breast cancer And LGBT men who use hormones are also at risk of developing breast cancer.


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