Brenze: After 4 years, a new CEO for the organization of bells

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Knitted News05.12.21 12:53 A. Tevet Tishpev

Zvika Goldberg

Zvika Goldberg has been appointed CEO of the Bells Organization, which accompanies and helps thousands of families around the country to manage their finances wisely and responsibly.

Goldberg was selected for the position by the organization’s presidency after a thorough search process out of more than 250 candidates. Goldberg served for about a decade as the director of the “Self” organization, which assists women, men and families from all sections of the population in Israel, in dealing with deep and lasting unemployment. Change in senior management and editorial positions in the various media.

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Goldberg will replace the outgoing CEO David Kochmeister, who is ending his 4-year term as CEO of Bells [לאחר 8 שנים של התנדבות בפעמונים], And turns to the next challenge. Bells thanked Kochmeister for managing the organization, especially in the last two years in the wake of the Corona crisis, when many families in financial distress turned to the organization for help and support, and during his time the organization grew and expanded and today addresses all sectors of Israeli society.

The overlap for the position is currently underway and with the beginning of 2022, Zvika Goldberg will begin serving as the organization’s CEO.

The Bells Organization is a non-profit social organization that works to create a reality in which families in Israel lead an economic life in a balanced, independent and responsible manner, thus building socio-economic resilience. In the organization, the President Award goes to a volunteer, over 3,000 volunteers, from all sectors, spread all over the country including professional consultants and experts.

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Zvika Goldberg, incoming CEO of Bells, said: “I am very happy to join an excellent and important organization, and to contribute to the ability of every person and every family to conduct themselves financially responsibly, skillfully and honestly.”

David Kochmeister, the outgoing CEO of Bells, said: “For me, the management experience of Bells during these years has been amazing. The female and male volunteers, the female and male workers in the bells, are dedicated, committed, and professional at such a high level that they push the social making of bells to what it is. I pass the baton of management with a great sense of satisfaction to Zvika, and I am sure that this good deed will only grow more and more. “

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