bridge, roads, networks and taxes – Joe Biden ride the wave of the success of the vaccination campaign and try to deal the decisive blow of his administration: the 2 trillion infrastructure plan and the tax increase to finance it. He is willing to negotiate but warns that inertia “is not an option”.

“Compromise is inevitable, changes are certain. We are open to good ideas and to negotiations in good faith. But here is what we are not open to: we are not willing to do nothing “, warns the American president, committed to promoting his proposal for the relaunch of physical and digital infrastructures, “crucial” for guaranteeing the United States world leadership and for countering Beijing’s ambitions.

Next week, the head of the White House will initiate confrontation with Republicans and Democrats. Biden proposes to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% but it is not only the Republicans who are opposed. At least two dem (Senators Joe Manchin and Mark Warner) raise objections. Not exactly a detail considering that the Asinello party controls the Upper House with 51 seats out of 100, including that of Vice President Kamala Harris who as such is President of the Senate. Manchin explicitly called the 28% tax increase “too high”.

“I am open to negotiation”, assures Biden, but the plan “must be financed” and in any case “there will be no increase for those who earn less than $ 400,000 a year”.

Grand Old Party (Gop) Senator Roy Blunt over the weekend he suggested scaling the plan to $ 615 billion for approval, disputing the fact that 30% of the spending is not for infrastructure investments.

The commander-in-chief emphasizes that the infrastructures are not only physical, such as roads or bridges, but also digital, electric, for water. The plan “is primarily to meet the needs of the nation and to get Americans back to work,” Biden remarks. promising the creation of “good jobs, well paid” for the middle class.

The president aims to approve the plan by the summer. He beat Trump, he’s going to beat Covid, but for Biden this is the toughest political challenge. On taxes, the White House is won (and lost).



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