Brigadier General “Muhammad Al-Amiri” reveals the reason for his transformation from a “retired pilot” to a specialist in alternative medicine • Al-Marsad Newspaper

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Muhammad Al-Amiri,” a “specialist in alternative medicine,” narrated the story of his transformation from a retired brigadier general to an interest and specialist in alternative medicine.

Al-Amiri said, during an interview with the “Al-Resala” channel, that I am from the environment of beekeeping and honey in the country of Al-Awamer in Al-Atiyyat Governorate in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

And he continued, I had a desire in addition to beekeeping to try bee stings, as the beekeeper receives bee stings automatically and continuously, but the scientific and experimental aspects of some diseases encouraged me to use bee stings to treat myself and my family, and it brought amazing results.


He added, before I entered the King Faisal Air College, I wanted to enter medicine, but one of the relatives, “Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Al-Amiri,” was in the Air Force College, which paved the way for me, so I was encouraged to enter it.

And he added, after graduation, Prince Sultan visited the college, “may God have mercy on him,” and I asked him to study medicine besides aviation, and he took the letter from me, but the Air Force said it was difficult to devote himself to medicine as a pilot.

And he went on to say, despite my passion for flying and our service that I am honored with, I kept reading about medicine, medicines and their side effects, and what are the natural or behavioral alternatives, so I call for treatment with food, behavior, worship and exercises.

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