“Bringing non-Jews here”

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The government decided today (Sunday) to continue Operation “Create Israel” and raise another 3,000 Ethiopian citizens, who have family ties to Jews from the Ethiopian community. The proposal of the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Pnina Temano Sheta, passed unanimously.

Interior Minister Shaked, who had lengthy negotiations with Minister Tamano Sheta on the immigration of those waiting from Ethiopia, said during the hearing that “a decision is a continuation of the coalition agreement in which it was agreed to bring immigrants from Ethiopia. “These increases deviate from the Law of Return and are therefore made as part of a government decision.”

Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Pnina Temano-Sheta, Photo: Mark Israel Salem

The Minister of Aliyah and Absorption replied: “The State of Israel, including Rabbi Ovadia and Rabbi Amar, has decided that it is not Jewish to separate parents from children. This is not a Christian group that has never had any connection to Ethiopian Jews.”

“We are today correcting an ongoing injustice done to those waiting for their immigration to be approved as early as 2015 but not implemented in previous governments,” said Minister Pnina Temano Sheta after the proposal was approved. “This is a continuation of the outline of Operation Create Israel, which aims to lead a breakthrough to end the saga, provide a real solution for those who wait too many years to come to Israel to unite with their families and be part of the people of Israel, along with striving to end the painful issue.”

The acting chairman of the Jewish Agency, Yaakov Hagoel, said: “We congratulate the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Pnina Tamano Sheta, who works on a daily basis to bring Ethiopian immigrants to Israel in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of the Interior, headed by Minister Ayelet Shaked. The government’s decision will put an end to the suffering of many families and unite relatives, after many years of waiting for aliyah. “

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