British authorities will attract 200 military to deliver fuel to gas stations

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Against the backdrop of an acute fuel shortage, the UK government has decided to employ up to 200 military personnel as fuel truck drivers, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced. Due to the shortage of fuel truck drivers in the country, many gas stations were empty, which led to the formation of traffic jams at gas stations.

The head of the British Department of Defense said that the military will start delivering fuel from Monday, October 4. Authorities have also authorized the issuance of temporary visas to 4,700 food carriers to help with fuel transfers. For them, entry into the country is open from late October to February 28, 2022, the BBC reports.

Against the backdrop of the crisis that began in the country, fuel prices began to rise to multi-year records, but local residents were urged not to panic and not buy gasoline for future use. This week, British officials said fuel shortages were stabilizing.

Read more about the situation in the UK in the article “Kommersant” “Gasoline at zero”.


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