British doctors are calling for a return to measures +++ Significantly fewer tests in the canton of Zurich

The EU health authority ECDC continues to consider a high vaccination rate to be particularly important before the corona measures are relaxed. “As long as more than 80 percent of people are fully vaccinated, there is simply the possibility that the rest of the population will still be infected by the virus,” said ECDC director Andrea Ammon in an interview with the magazine “Gesundheit und Gesellschaft”.

However, the German doctor viewed compulsory vaccination with skepticism. Many countries would have achieved high vaccination rates even without such an obligation. “A vaccination requirement, for example for certain professions, is one possibility. But it is not a magic wand. “

The lockdowns had significantly reduced the number of cases, but also had economic, social and psychological consequences, said Ammon. That is also why they are not a panacea. “In my opinion, there are less drastic ways of creating barriers to the virus and building distance in the future, which should be considered first,” said the ECDC chief. “This includes the use of masks, keeping your distance and reducing the number of people indoors.”

It is difficult to say whether Europe is better equipped for future pandemics due to the Corona crisis. “One thing is clear: our preparation was not optimal. Now you have to look carefully so that it goes better next time. ” Humanity will have to live with the corona virus in the long term.


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