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London: Protests are strong in the UK over a law barring members of the British Parliament from bringing children into the church. Stella’s reprimand for coming to church with a baby in her arms has sparked controversy. Stella, a Labor MP who has faced criticism, has come out to demand reform of the law, which came into force in September. The incident began when Stella arrived in Parliament on Tuesday with her three – month – old baby. Stella shared this on social media after being notified that it was illegal for a woman MP to come to Parliament with a baby.

The law of Parliament says that my three-month-old baby should not be brought into the chamber without causing significant problems. Stella shared the letter on Twitter, saying that no mother in parliament, known as the mother of all parliaments, seemed to have seen or heard of the issue. Parliamentary officials, who have made the issue of the baby a major issue, point out that during the Kovid period, no law was passed in Parliament regarding the wearing of masks inside the church. Stella pointed out that she had brought her little baby to church for breastfeeding and that she had brought her other two children like this before. “It simply came to our notice then. Following the controversy, Speaker Lindsay Hoyley formed a committee to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party member and deputy prime minister Dominic Rabb and Green Party member Caroline Lucas have come out in support of Stella on the issue. Stella Cresce, who advocates for the rights of women and mothers, argued that more women should enter politics and be supported by society to bring motherhood and the profession together.


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