British Prime Minister apologizes for government parties during lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaking in the House of Commons of Parliament, apologized for the parties that took place in his office and government building during the tough coronavirus restrictions in the country. The head of the British government apologized after the announcement of a report that found that a number of parties were unacceptable due to the restrictive measures in place.

“First of all, I want to apologize,” TASS quotes an excerpt from the speech of the British prime minister. “Apologize for what was wrong and for the way the approach to this topic was. It makes no sense to say that this or that behavior did not violate the restrictions or that the office staff worked very hard. The pandemic has been a difficult test for everyone, and we have asked people across the country to make unheard of sacrifices – not to meet with loved ones, not to visit loved ones who are dying. I understand the anger people are feeling right now.”

The report was presented by Sue Gray, a senior employee of the British government apparatus. She checked 16 events on Downing Street and concluded that some of them were unacceptable because they were held during a strict ban on the British from gathering even in their homes. In addition, Ms. Gray said she identified three more events than previously known.

Due to the discussion of the report in Parliament, Boris Johnson postponed a scheduled conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I will speak to President Putin as soon as I can,” Johnson said in Parliament when asked to confirm press reports (quoted by Interfax).

On January 25, it became known that the London police launched an investigation into parties in which Boris Johnson participated.

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